A Restaurant Review

What is a restaurant review?

A restaurant review is a conducted search of a specific restaurant location . A restaurant review is helpful in order to find the perfect restaurant just for you! When reviewing a restaurant, there are many important factors to consider in order to find a place that best suits your own personal needs.

So, how do you conduct a restaurant review?
One very important factor when reviewing a restaurant is the atmosphere of the establishment. There are many important things that tie into the atmosphere. The simplest thing, such as lighting, can make a dramatic impact on the tone of the restaurant. Is the lighting bright and illuminating or dark and depressing? Also, what kind of music is being played in the background? Is it mellow, jazzy or heavy metal?
What kinds of colors are used? Are they dark, gloomy colors or bright, happy colors? When writing the restaurant review, you have to make sure that you include every bit of information about the atmosphere because the reader wants to know. What is the "PACE OF THE PLACE?" Is the restaurant slow and passive or up-beat and fast-paced? Which do you prefer?

After you have evaluated the atmosphere, how are you greeted? Are you greeted with a smile? Are you asked to find your own seat? How was the greeting from the waiter/waitress? Was the person outgoing? Was the person friendly? When entering a restaurant, you always want to feel comfortable. Does the waiter/waitress seem like they feel comfortable dealing with you, the customer? Aside from the way you are treated, how does the restaurant staff (in general) treat each other?

Does the staff work as a team? Does the staff act professionally?
When reviewing the restaurant it is important to look at the entire menu. Are there any low fat or fat free items? Are there any vegetarian items? Are there any popular items such as steak or an old-fashioned burger? What kind of desserts are there? After looking at the items, most importantly, what are the prices of the items? Are the prices reasonable or expensive?

This was an overview of some of the main points in creating a restaurant review. Remember: you are reviewing the restaurant to help someone else choose the perfect restaurant for themselves. So, be as accurate and as possible when you write your review. Wouldn't you want an honest opinion?


Chatters Mediterranean Eatery - Niagara Falls

My family arrived at 8:30pm and the staff were all gathered around the bar with the TV turned really loud ignoring all the customers. When the waitress made it to our table she had a bit of an attitude like we were interrupting her conversation at the bar.

We placed our order and I strongly recommend the Quesadilla's they are really good but would recommend not asking for something not in it as they tend to make mistakes. Also I would recommend the pasta dishes.

I came here because a friend said that the food is great if you can get past the hit and miss service that the restaurant offers. I will see how long the wait is before deciding on the staff.

That first waitress did not return and we were so glad. Another waitress took her place and service improved immediately. This was one of our many visits on a Monday night to Chatters and every time we had the same pleasant server. We considered her one of our favorite servers. The new waitress was one of the older servers and was very polite to us during our meal. She was very busy but never let you feel that she didn't have time for your table. The food was delicious. The Saganaki  is to die for and the pasta portions are enough for lunch the next day. Ask for a doggie bag!

We regularly come into to Chatters on a Monday night for great food and professional service. We came to this restaurant tonight to show my family from Italy the great Italian food served at the Niagara Falls. My whole family of five ate and drank for less than $100 dollars. The waitress even gave me direction to the winery. Also I admired the bottle for the oil and vinegar and I asked where to get it. The waitress told me they could be bought at the dollar store.

My sister and I had a coupon for a free meal for two. We ordered appetizers; I got Spanakopita and she got Buffalo wings. (I don't eat meat, so I can only pass on what my friend said). The Spanakopita was good a little drybut tasty. I was told the chicken wings were good.

We were treated like royalty once we received our meal. Several waiters came over and filled our water glasses or asked how our food was and if they could do anything for us. I think they realized we were unhappy at first and tried to make up for the first waitress. We tried to treat the waiters and waitresses that work there with respect. I find whatever you give you get back, and Chatters has never let me down.

The food is mouthwatering and the portions are unreal.

For an entree, I got the veggie wrap, which was delicious. It comes with sauce choices, and I got the tzatiki and guacamole. Yummy. My friend got the filet mignon, and he said it was delicious, some of the best he'd ever had.

My father got the Soulaki wrap with chicken. He said it was the best he has ever tasted. My mother tried stuffed clams and a salad. She loved it.

Perched above the Niagara River, the dining room of this restaurant in the heart of Oueenston Heights Park offers a spectacular view. The view is at its most beautiful in the autumn, when the trees on both sides of the Niagara River blaze with warm fall colors.

I would give the restaurant an 8 out of 10. I will definitely go back!