A roast is something special; it is a form of art in a way. You express your feelings to someone in a different way than maybe you ordinarily would. When expressing your feelings, you can draw a picture or perform a song. You can tell your feelings in an extraordinary way. A roast is pretty much what you want to do, with no directions and no guidelines. Express yourself and let others help by expressing themselves. Have fun and enjoy.

Holding a roast can be sad, boring, fun, exciting, or even out-of-hand and crazy. A roast is pretty much about remembering someone or saying good-bye to someone.

There are many different ways of having a roast, and when having one you can do several different, unique things. Some ideas for having a roast are:

  • You could have a party and have everyone write something about the special person. Then you would read it aloud.

  • You could have people get pictures and memorabilia together about a certain person. Then put all of it into a photo album. It would be like a scrapbook. Then give it to that individual.

  • You could write a list of special things about someone. It could be a top ten countdown about things that the one special person has done that are outstanding to you.






Twenty Reasons Why I'll Miss Jonathan:

20. Oops! Oh yeah, I forgot to turn! Handlebar tragedy.
19. BB Gun disaster!
18. Nasty smell in your room? Very suspect.
17. Baby diaper change!
16. Football guy.
15. Milking Grans cow.
14. Nose jokes.
13. Wet Pants in grade primary.
12. Telling the story about the homework and the washer machine.
11. Being Late for class.
10. Going swimming at the Island in the middle of winter.
9. Meeting in the hallways after class.
8. The way he said he would call me back but never did.
7. The way he would make me smile even if I was really mad.
6. Writing letters that say,"hi...bye," just to say we wrote.
5. Stuck Ya!!!
4. A sense of humor even at the worst of times.
3. Pickle!!!
2. All the times we went to the movies, just to hang out.
1. Two words: Pool Party!

By: Sky A.A. Wallen