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Writing Goals & Outcomes

Generating writing ideas: Students will be able to generate meaningful ideas and topics through brainstorming activities, and guided group activities about personal writing territories.

Reflecting on writing purposes: Students will be able to have conversations about what they chose to write about and why.

Reflecting on writing styles: Students will be able to think critically about a wider variety of writing styles.

Make Reading-writing connections: Students will be able to share experiences in order to deepen their own understanding of how their reading choices build skills in writing through reflection and examination of a variety of author styles.

Exploring voice: Students will be able to recognize their own voice and make it stronger through listening and speaking skills, group activities and personal word choices so that they clarify and expand an understanding of author voice.

Developing Writing Conventions skills: Students develop skills in matters of correctness through the context of their own writing and by observing those their classmates already know. By sharing writing, students recognize what they should know already and a shift occurs.