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Writing Circle Lessons For  Junior High

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The Writing Circle by Sylvia Gunnery is a great reference book. I have included my own ideas, as well, regarding writing circles.

A Second Book I use is Writing Workshop-[A survival Kit] by Gary Robert Muschla

The Writing Circle explores classroom writing groups as a powerful structure for giving students the support and guidance they need. Based on a common structure found in the writing world outside of school, these groups provide an ideal way for students to learn from each other. Under the teacher's guidance, young writers can work together on all aspects of the writing process—sharing drafts of writing, responding to each other's works-in-progress, and building confidence in themselves as writers.

The writing process is dynamic; writers move from one stage to the other and back again doing two—or three or more—things at once. Students become more energized when they tap into this dynamic process and interact with peers. Writing circles have the added bonus of giving teachers lots of opportunities to observe, advise, learn, teach, and take part in writing circle discussions.


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My Lessons


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