Writing Circle Role Cards


        Discussion Leader         

  • Keeps the  group members in order and moves conversation along. Offers each group member to share a piece of writing.

  • Encourages everyone to share and helps the group members stay on task and listen to the speaker.

  • Encourages the group to ask questions and offers advice.

  •  Keeps track of meeting times and whose work was critiques using a tracking chart.


Note Taker

  • Records the types of writing problems and questions the group may need help with so that during teacher-conference these can be addressed.

  • Shares checklists with group members.

  • Asks teacher to prepare a handout for questions and problems the group has. The teacher will teach a mini lesson from these questions/writing problems.


Time Keeper

  • Keeps track of time each student is speaking. If you only have one period each person would speak less about what they are writing.

  • Remind the students of  his/her time remaining.

  • Stops the conversation when their time is up.



  • Informs the teacher during Conferencing what the questions were that the group had.

  • Summarizes each session for the group.

Make sure to stay on task in your group. If everyone is doing their job then this will run smoothly.