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All Good Writers have similar practices they follow to become good writers. Some of these are:
  • Maintain a Notebook-    record life around them and then use their imaginations to create their craft.
  • Learn the conventions of grammar and punctuation.
  • Show action- never tell it. Make it visual for the reader.
  • Good Writers keep the audience they are writing to in their minds as they write.
  • Know what type of format suits their purpose. For example: by the way something sounds when they read it orally and can decide if the writing would sound better as a poem, essay, short selection. 
  • Use very specific details to tune the reader into their writing.
  • Organize their writing in a clear style that suits what they write.
  • Know about paragraphing properly!
  • Understand what it is to write fluently and cohesively.
  • Use proper sentence structure.
  • Use varied transition words.
  • Sentences and paragraphs are organized for easy reading.
  • Use words effectively.
  • Build clear, simple images for the reader.
  • Know about using Active voice rather than Passive voice.
  • Know how to combine sentences effectively.
  • Know that each pronoun should agree with its antecedent.
  • Know when to use you and I.
  • Know that you never end a sentence with a preposition.
  • Realize that verbs have to agree with their subject.
  • Know that it is a big deal to use double negatives.
  • Remember never to split an infinitive.
  • Know never to use dangling participles.
  • Join clauses using conjunctions.
  • Never write a run-on sentence.
  • Reread what they wrote.
  • Know appropriate uses of sentence fragments.
  • Know how to demonstrate their style and attitude in their writing.
  • Are Knowledgeable about what they write.
  • A full list here for Good Writer's Strategies