Mini Lesson Ideas

for Writer's Workshop



Mini Lesson: 10-15 Minutes

The mini-lesson is where I model what I want my students to think about and apply to their writing. I usually do this with the whole group. I try to have students sit in a circle with their chairs to make it more like a discussion circle.

If, for example, my teaching point is to have my students select a writing topic, then I model selecting a topic from my own writing territory list. I might show  students a list of ideas for writing a children's story that I brainstormed the night before. I might have five ideas on the list. I would write the list on chart paper or have them pre-typed and use my LCD to highlight the two ideas I think are workable. I conduct a 'Think out loud' about my thinking as I considered my topics. I explain why the other ideas are not feasible to write about. I talk about which topic is the most interesting or which one could I spend time writing without getting bored. 

Examples of Mini-Lessons

Thanks to the Ideas from this site

Reference: The Art of Teaching Writing, Calkins