Peer Conference Form

Note to the AuthorBefore you ask for a peer conference, your job is to think about what you want help with : ideas, language, images, organization, coherence, a part of the piece, the overall idea?  Write down what you want him/her to respond to. The Writer keeps this attached to the rough draft.

Note to Responder: When you agree to conference with a writer, your job is to help the writer think and make decisions about the writing:

  • Listen as the writer reads. Try to think of constructive things to say. Jot down notes.

  • Ask what he or she needs help with.

  • If there are parts that confuse you, you donít understand, or youíd like to know more about, ask the writer about them. 

  • Write down your thoughts and questions during and after reading.


Authorís Name _______________________________    Date _______________


Peer Responder ______________________________  Genre of Piece ________________


Title of Piece:_______________________________________________________________

What it says in the writing:

I thought:



What it says in the writing: Something I was a little confused by:



What it says in the writing: A few Suggestions I have:




 Author, write down what you plan to do next: