Quick Writes

{Junior High}




Some of these include:
  • Quick Writes promote spontaneous and free writing.
  • Quick Writes encourage writing as a habit or practice.
  • Quick Writes promote critical thinking and focus.
  • Quick Writes give students time to collect thoughts before verbalizing to others.
  • Quick Writes can be a great potential time-saver for teachers, since quick writes do not always have to be read. Students can respond verbally from their quick writes (reading directly or using the piece as a touchstone) or get peer response in groups. (Note: Be sure that some kind of response is given; because each writing exercise matters--nothing is written that isn't somehow "a touchstone").
  • Quick Writes provide a basis for collaborative peer work.



 Organizing Portfolios :

Designing Your first Page in your Portfolio Section


Give students 2 sheets of colour paper to use as design sheets for two new sections in their portfolios.



Have them make a Quick Write Section using a divider and also a Notebook section.


Tomorrow Please make sure you bring in at least one picture of yourself to glue on the front page for this Quick Write section. You could also take colour paper from home if you wish. You may draw pictures and paste these on or cut out your dream clothes from a magazine or catalogue.


The Quick Write Section of Portfolio

Use the samples at the bottom of the page to begin the first few pages of the quick write section in the portfolio. You could write once a week, twice or three times a week, at the beginning of class. It is a good way to settle students.



When you have used the sheets below to begin the notebook you are then ready to do the actual writing.



Keep in mind there are many ways to do quick writes.



One way is to have the students write as soon as they get to class. This type of writing is simply something that happened two minutes ago in the hallway, last night at home or on the way to school. They can also simply write whatever comes into their head.



Some teachers have prompts on the board as the students come in and ask them to respond to one. This way Quick Writes help students self-assess their world and understanding of it.



Other teachers prefer to use quick writes as explicit teaching and they have the students respond in writing to a question that relates to material that has already been explored like a novel or short story. After the students have written down their answers to the questions posed, they ask the students to share their ideas with a partner. Alternatively, these may be written down on the blackboard or overhead. The teacher can then determine the prior knowledge of the class before necessarily introducing a new unit or to determine their level of understanding of material already taught.



Learner.org also has some great ideas



In addition teachers could use quick writes to help students:

  • think and write from different points of view

  • write poems

  • put together personal narratives

  • turn favourite or poignant letters into essays

  • create fiction

  • Vocabulary Quick Writes


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