Sentence Patterns


S=subject                   V=verb                   LV=linking Verb         PN=Predicate Nominative PA=Predicate Adjective     DO=Direct Object           IO-Indirect Object

 Sentences are constructed in specific patterns. Five common patterns and examples are shown below.

  1. S-V {Subject-Verb                                    Example: Sherri played. Sherri[s] played.[v]


  1. S-LV-PN {Subject-Linking Verb-Predicate Nominative}  Example: Anne is the boss. Anne[s] is[v] boss[pn].


  1. S-LV-PA {Subject-Linking Verb-Predicate Adjective}   Example: Stephen was elated. Stephen[s] was[v] elated[pa].  


  1. S-V-DO  {Subjec-Verb-Direct Object}                  Example: Janet plays the bagpipes.                      Janet[s] plays[v] the bagpipes[direct object].


  1. S-V-IO-DO {Subject-Verb-Indirect Object-Direct Object}     Example: Sarah gave the dog a biscuit.                     Sarah[s] gave[verb]the dog[IO] a biscuit [DO]

NOTE: Sentences may be expanded without changing the basic pattern by adding a prepositional phrase.

Try the following:

Identify direct object in the following sentence.

Henry played volleyball in his backyard with Joyce and Timothy.
A.  backyard B.  volleyball
C.  Henry D.  played


Identify indirect object in the following sentence.

William will make us a study table.
A.  William B.  table
C.  us D.  will make us study table

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