Six Trait Self Evaluation   

Rank from 1 (low) to 5 (high) these skills in your draft: Use your rankings to decide what to improve   upon in your next draft of this writing

Sentence Fluency Revision

____ My sentences often begin with different words.

____ I use simple and complex sentences.

___ I use a variety of transitional words when I write.

____ If I read aloud, I can hear a rhythm behind my sentences.

____ If I repeated anything, I did it for effect.

Organization Revision

____ My introduction grabs the reader's attention.

____ My conclusion links back to my introduction.

____ I used transition words to move from idea to idea.

____ My paragraphs show where my sub-topics begin and end.

____ My title stands for my entire draft, not just part of it.

Word Choice Revision

____ My adjectives are appropriate and thoughtful.

____ I used a good balance of action and linking verbs.

____ My nouns are precise; I don't overuse pronouns.

____ It is clear that I am not afraid to take risks with new words.

____ I use a few color and texture words to describe.

Idea Development Revision

____ I used a balance of showing and telling.

____ My details try to paint a picture in the reader's

____ I took a unique approach when writing about
this topic.

____ I stayed on topic throughout the entire writing.

____ My theme/message is clear to my reader.

Voice Revision

____ I really tried to show passion about my topic.

____ If read aloud, it sounds like something I might
really say.

____ I did things in my writing to help my audience

____ I captured a tone or mood with my words.

____ Any use of humor or sarcasm is appropriate.

Conventions Editing

____ I had my second draft checked for spelling errors.

____ I had my second draft checked for "end punctuation" errors.

____ I had my second draft checked for "internal" errors.

____ I had my second draft checked for capitalization.

____ I had my second draft checked for grammatical error.




____ The text is easy to read whether typed or handwritten.

______ The format suits the purpose, and invites the reader into the text.                              

______ Fonts are limited to two typefaces on a page.

______ The use of  formatting allows the reader to access information easily. (font,bullets etc)

______ There is a clear purpose for combining text and graphics ( charts, graphs, tables)

______ The font, size and style are appropriate and support the message.

______ Spacing supports readability.

______ The text is not crowded - white space enhances readability.

______ The information is clear to the reader.

______ The alignment between text and visuals is clearly represented.

 ______  Presentation is creative and original in design.