Workshop Schedule

Based on my schedule which is 70 minutes a day.
 10- minutes  Quick Write
 10- minutes  Strategy Mini Lesson
 20 minutes  Guided Writing Time 
 20 minutes  Independent/Peer Share
 10 minutes Closing Meeting/Sharing

Workshop Structure

Teacher Led Instruction: [Also known as Guided Writing.]Sometimes the teacher may want to begin by modeling from a Children's author's biography. I use Langston Hughes and some of my favorite children's authors. I may read and then discuss their process of writing, or I may show a short clip of an Interview with the author. These are especially good starting points.

The mini-lesson is where I can model a technique, reinforce a strategy or make a suggestion to the whole class. I sometimes explore one piece of writing [with permission] from a brave student. I choose the best sentence or paragraph and we discuss it as a group. That way I leave room for praise. Here also I raise a concern about Great Leads [one mini-lesson] I share a piece of writing that I have written, and an instructor showed me where my story really began. [scary but powerful]

After we get into writing a little bit, I take my lead from the students in my room.  See Independent Writing. One day I may do a spelling lesson on the differences between their, there, and they're. I usually have a few of these to discuss. { I teach junior high}