Guided Writing
Guided writing is an individual or group activity where learners use word maps to organize their ideas and write texts.

Task I: Making A word map Mini Lesson
   Here are the steps to follow to use guided writing:
  1. Make a board list of topics the students may write about.
  2. Make a word map. See: How to make a word map
    • Have a scribe write the word map for the struggling writer.
    • Peers help each other for the intermediate writers.
    • The advanced learner is able to write the word map.
  3. Have the students create a text from the map and write it down.
  4. Have the students share out loud.
Task II: Using the Six Traits Plus one Mini-lessons.
  1. The Six Trait Writing Model is a system that is designed to teach students the craft of quality writing.
  2. The system is structured around six traits which supply a framework in which teachers can provide focused, detailed feedback and instruction.
  3. The six traits of writing create a common format for discussing, critiquing, and celebrating writing.
  4. The Six Trait Model has proven to be a very effective system for analyzing and improving writing performance and writing skills.
Task: III: Conference Writing Mini Lesson:  Conference writing is an activity where writers discuss and share their writing with an individual or group.
  Conference writing helps writers improve their own writing by
  • developing their ideas
  • correcting their own mistakes, and
  • learning to communicate their ideas clearly.
Task IV: Mini-Lessons: Use these suggestions to work with students as you help them develop as writers.