Overview of Interactive Thinking and Write-Aloud

Interactive Thinking


  • Begin with personal experience

  • The text genre is any form.

  • Planning will help organize thoughts

  • You could suggest some titles or leave the title until the end.

  • How will you begin?

  • Should I stick to the rules of writing or develop my own style?

  • Continue your piece of writing, stopping to "think out loud" about your writing decisions.

  • Reread your piece every once in awhile.

  • Think out loud about any revisions or editing you do during the writing process.

  • I am thinking about writing a narrative describing my love of skate boarding.

  • I will draw a brainstorming map to help me narrow my topic.

  • A few titles that I have are; Skateboarding the ultimate flying experience; Catching Air

  • I might begin this piece with a question or with an emotion about the sport.

  • I want to begin my piece with a "hook". A hook is an exciting first sentence that makes the reader want to continue reading.)

  • I'm in the air hoping I'll never come down... will this keep my reader's wanting to know more? If yes keep it, if no, write another.

  • (Sometimes writers break the rules in order to make their writing sound just right. I decided to use sentence fragments and begin the fragments with the word "and" to give the writing a certain sound. Now I will read what I've written so far.)