What To do during writer's workshop

Writer's Workshop

Seven Traits Writing Strategies





The Seven Traits of Writing



The Ideas for the lessons are based on Six Traits Strategy Page. Please view this page for more ideas.


Some Curriculum Outcomes Covered by these lessons


 A GOOD Copy of written work must have the following format:
  • Should be typed in size 12 font. Double spaced. Times new roman font.
  • If handwritten it is always written, not printed and done in pen! NO PENCIL!!
  • Cover page: typically a piece of unlined white paper with title, author's name, an illustration, and an information box (submitted to and from plus the date it is due)
  • All instructions for the piece of writing must follow writing conventions. Refer to all handouts.

  • Pages must be numbered and your name must appear in the header.

  • All graphic organizers and written pieces must have your name and grade on them.

  • Must be checked over using the following checklist.

  • The rubric you will be evaluated on for this piece of writing.