Writing Territories

Student Print Copy

Some things you have seen, heard, thought about, experienced that may be interesting to write about. These are suggestions only, as you can jot down notes on what you ate for lunch if you like. On Independent writing days you will choose one of your notes to make into longer paragraphs.

Fads: food, clothing, hairstyles, sayings, technology. Pets: alive, dead, dream of owning, taking  care of,  a day in the life of. 
Memories: Family, relatives, friends, sad, happy, funny, unbelievable. Dreams: Frightening, flying, falling, adventures.
Obsessions: Computer, Games, Cell phone, texting, TV, four-wheeling, skating, hockey, dance... Problems: School, home, friends, social, money...

 Worries: Acne, loneliness, height, weight, social, physical, mental, money...

Music: Artists, songs, instruments, videos, U Tube, movies...

Pet Peeves: Anything you feeling strongly for or against.

Sorrows: Your saddest day, something in the world that saddens you, your everyday school life ...
 Your Possessions: Anything you value that you were given and why... Fantasies: When you grow up, something you dream of becoming, owning, doing...

 Confusions: Things that cause you to questions or be conflicted about in some way.

Friends: People you are close to or not close to but have something to say about them...
Family: Close or distant relatives you want to write about... Favorite Things: Make a list, decide what and how you would write about them.

 Places: school, camp, trips, times away from home...

Accomplishments: Anything you are proud of that you feel you'd like to write about.
Sample:                My Writing Territories
  • Making marshmallow taffy with my little brother.
  • Music-how it always seems that if you don't like the 'right music' friends will hate you.
  • Looking after my sister's kid.
  • How I go to watch "The Moosehead Game" every Friday with Dad.
  • My fear of falling off a cliff.
  • Singing and playing my guitar. What it means to me.
  • Baking cookies with my Grand'Mere.
  • Hockey: Love and Hate relationship
  • Soccer
  • Justin Bieber                                    
  • Sidney Crosby
  • Candy my dog in the swimming pool
  • The day I lost my front tooth
  • Losing Grand Pere
  • The first man to settle in my area.
How to use your writing Territories. It is up to you to decide on the form your writing will take.

For example. If you look at the writing territories above.

  • The author could write the recipe and method for the marshmallow taffy, put on an index card - rough copy first. The author would have to follow the correct format for recipes.
  • The next thing this author could do is write a letter to his/her dad explaining what it means to him/her to share time together.
  • For the hockey topic this author could write a free verse poem about his/her conflicted feelings about hockey practice. [better to narrow the topic down]
  • For the topic about the dog this author may write a memoir about the day the dog almost drowned.

Once the author has four rough drafts it will be time to choose one to hand in to the teacher who will evaluate it. If you choose the recipe one, I would ask  you to write out a few for friends and one for the teacher. I would judge these as a group.  The rest would only need one good copy. All topics should be typed and a page long for full marks. If you have to write these out, make sure to use unlined paper and pen